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A Reason to Hope

April 15, 2013 By: Don Marsh Category: Candidates, Local Issues

I will not predict the winner of this election, because indicators mean absolutely NOTHING if the voters take them as a sign that their votes are not needed. In short, if the people don’t vote, none of this matters. But, there are many indicators that should hearten Ed Braddy’s supporters. I hope this will have the effect of encouraging them that their votes MATTER.

First, in 2010 Craig Lowe got into the runoff with a little over 4,000 votes, while his nearest rival, yours truly, got under 3,000 votes. The next month, my wing-and-a-prayer campaign more than doubled our vote total to lose a squeaker by 42 votes. This time around, Ed Braddy went into the runoff as the LEADER. He has a lot less ground to cover than I did.

Second, The Braddy Campaign has a LOT more money than I did. This does matter. I got outspent by over a 2-1 margin, yet I was only 1 campaign mailer away from winning the race. Lowe and Braddy are much closer in money raised, and his Team Braddy is much more experienced than mine in 2010.

Third, many Democrats quietly supported me in 2010. This time, they are much more open in their revolt against Mayor Lowe. Whereas I took a respectable share of East side voters, this time those same voters are turning to Braddy in bigger numbers.

Fourth, although the Lowe DUI incident is not enough by itself to sink him, the obvious coverup and its subsequent discovery and incriminating video of a Sheriff’s Deputy telling Lowe that things would be done differently because of his job gives the impression of the local Democrat Machine as being desperate and corrupt. This kind of embarrassment can keep Lowe’s supporters at home, even if they don’t vote for Braddy.

Keep your eye on the ball, Gainesville! Come out Tuesday and FIRE Mayor Lowe! This is what accountability looks like!

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  1. There was no coverup by the sheriffs office. Everything was handled according to ASO policy and normal protocol. Regardless of anything the deputy said while on scene, the call was handled appropriately and the mayor was taken to jail. Now, if your issue is in the prosecution of the case, then that is a different matter, one to be taken up with the State Attorney.


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