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Racist or Clueless? You Decide.

April 25, 2013 By: Don Marsh Category: Activism, Local Issues

In our present climate of political discourse it has become too common to just call someone a racist when you want to destroy them politically, or just end an argument when you have no facts at your disposal to make your point. That is why I am hesitant to call the local Democrat Party leadership racist. But I may be wrong. I think they are just ham-handed, smugly superior, and clueless. But I am a white man with a white person’s frame of reference. Either way, I am going to cast this story far and wide to get a decent sampling of opinions. Democrat leadership, you can thank me later.

In a letter dated April 17, 2013, the Alachua County Democrat Black Caucus was told that they should revoke their charter immediately because they supported Ed Braddy, a Republican, against Craig Lowe, a Democrat. They further state that they, “have harmed the image of the Democratic Party locally and likely contributed to the loss of the Gainesville Mayoral election on April 16, 2013.”

After they enumerate the sins of the wayward Black Caucus, including attached pictures of the infractions, they finish off with this, “Our relationship with the local African American community has been negatively impacted and Gainesville will now have a Republican Mayor in part because of the activities of the ACDBC and some of its members. Thank you for taking action on this matter promptly before further damage is done.”

It is then signed by the Democrat leadership:
Robert Prather, Chair
Evelyn Foxx, Vice Chair
Jeanna Mastodicasa, State Committeewoman
Terry Fleming, State Committeeman

To see the entire letter, download it here.

The Black Caucus is accused of harming the image of the party. They are expected to take action in the form of revoking their own charter before further damage is done. Now if I were writing a response to this letter, it would go like this:

To whom it may concern:

We are writing in regards to your request, which didn’t sound like a request at all. It was an accusation against a people that you have taken for granted, and you have refused to listen to for a long time. It was an insult added to the injury you have done us, and then you tell us that we have “harmed the image of the Democratic Party locally.”

What you have failed to see is that you yourselves have¬† already harmed the image of the Democrat Party locally. You publicly stand against public discourse on the issues. You hide a contract that is harmful to the citizens from the citizens and insult them for disagreeing with you. Then you tell us it is our fault that the party’s image suffers.

The division in the party has been caused by you, the party leadership. Our unhappiness and willingness to look for redress from others is a symptom of your egregious behavior.  Your sins are many, but you have the audacity to accuse us of being unfaithful. You have had many opportunities to mend your ways, but now you come to us with the lash!

We have decided to find our true friends among our neighbors. You who look down on us from your high opinions of yourselves are not our friends. You see yourselves as our masters, and we had better knuckle under and toe the line. This insult will not soon be forgotten.

(Then I would sign it with the names of as many aggrieved persons as I could find.)

I know that this letter contains some language that could be considered racially charged, but I assure you that you can also be white and feel this way. So, please weigh in with your comments. Am I being too hard on the clueless little darlings, or are they really evil, hard-hearted SOBs?

3 Comments to “Racist or Clueless? You Decide.”

  1. Robert Guyer says:

    When I lived in TN Dem Senator Rosiland Kurita supported the R running for speaker of the senate. (In TN both chamber leaders are called ‘speaker’.) Ds resolved to get rid of her. She won her next primary but in TN party can over rule primary vote and D party placed another D in her place. Voters and Kurita lost. FL D Rep Daphne Campbell voted with Rs on pro-life bill and Ds resolved to get rid of her saying no room in D party for pro-lifers. She in 2012 won her seat back by only a few dozen votes earlier saying that God gave her the seat and only he could take it away. Yet, both examples seem to me to be appropriate sanctions against erring fellows. If you want to be a D (or R) you have to play by the party’s rules. If you want to be independent then leave the party.

  2. I hear what you’re saying, but I was listening to Mr. Goston on Talk of the Town yesterday, and this break seems to have come after a long train of abuses and usurpations, and what they have done is an act of civil disobedience. How the local party handles this, and exercises its right as the parent organization, will determine their reputation more than anything.

    Back in 02 I was part of an effort to replace the Republican Party chair. I got together with some other people who were unhappy with the situation and got our guy elected. It was a sort of coup, shocking everyone. We were within our rights to do what we did. It was all above board. But it was a disaster, and I have regretted my part in it ever since. Our gripes were small beer and we created a disruption that lasted for years. We picked a bad chairman, and he’s lucky he’s not in jail.

    The Black Caucus has serious grievances that have gone ignored for a very long time. The current Machine needed a wake up call. It’s time for flowers and candy, not the whip.

  3. Elizabeth Anne Washington says:

    I think you’re right, Don. Well said.


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